The Fair Share

Very often we are faced with situations where we have hair in unwanted areas. Growth on the eyebrows, upper lip, and on the sideburns can be quite distressing. Many a time, we are reluctant to go to the parlour and get attended to. Sometimes due to the lack of time available, sometimes out of sheer reluctance. A solution to this problem is the use of bleach.

Bleach helps in masking body hair by making it turn to a shade that blends with the skin. The appearance is then of smooth skin with no hair visible.

Before using bleach ensure that the face has been washed well and patted dry. Mix the bleach to the form that is desired. Apply to the areas that you need to address. For those with fairer skin it is advisable to leave bleach on longer. Those with darker tans can leave it for less time. Once completed, remove the bleach carefully and wash the face with water. Avoid using soap on the area for the rest of the day. Also avoid exposing the bleached areas to sunlight. Should your face have some slight reaction to the bleach immediately after use, it might be worthwhile to try and apply some ice to the face to cool it down.

The main ingredient that contributes to the bleaching process is hydrogen peroxide. If used too often, it may be a little harmful for the skin. Also, if you have any skin ailments do not use bleach without consulting your doctor. Avoid bleaching the skin too often. A substitute that you might like to try using is either curd or lemon. Both products have the tendency to bleach and are safe to use on the skin. The effect might take some applications to produce, but you are sure the skin is protected against chemicals.

So, if you feel weighed down by dark skin, or unwanted hair, you have no reason to fear. There is a very easy way out. You have a right to glowing, flawless looks.

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