Style Guide to Find the Right Hairstyle for Your Face Shape

Have you ever thought why a person looks ravishing with a beautiful hairstyle? But when you try to follow the same hairstyle it does not suit you. It is frustrating isn’t it? You have to choose hair cut guide to bring a balance to your facial features.

To look stunning in a hairstyle, the trick is to know your face shape. The facial contours determine the look; it should create a natural symmetry between the face and the hair. It should complement each other.

So you can understand that for a snazzy look you need to have the perfect hairstyle. Understand the shape of your face and style accordingly. Here I am going to discuss the different shapes of the face and the hairstyle that can blend with it.

For a round face, style in soft curls or soft cuts with sophisticated layers to give your face oval shape. If you have straight hair, go in for asymmetric haircuts. Shag hairstyle looks perfect for round shape.

If you have oval face  all type of hair styles suit perfectly, as this is the most balanced face shape.  You’ll look great in any hairstyle.

For those of you with diamond face look good with wider hairstyle at the forehead which tapers at the cheeks. Try to style in wide wispy bangs to create an oval shape to your face. Go for wavy, curly or straight to balance your narrow chin.

Rectangle face or the long face can hide their big forehead with fringes or bangs that cover the eyebrows; you can sport short or shoulder length cuts. Your styling should be in width and volume.

Square face look good in  short or long hairstyle which adds texture at the crown. Your angular features can be accentuated with different hairstyles. Soft wavy bangs over your temples, gives soft edge to your jaws.

If you are having heart shape face, styling in layered bobs with extra volume are good option while you can also style in asymmetric cuts .Triangular face or pear shape can enhance your looks with any hair style, but  avoid volume at the top.

While styling,if you want to emphasize your eyes have bangs and to accent your nose keep the hair of the forehead. The key to look gorgeous in any hairstyle is to accentuate your facial features and hide the flaws.


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