Stop Hair Loss

Want to stop hair loss? Change your habits, yes, you got it right. Our habits are the main culprit of hair problems and unless we do not change these habits, it is not possible to prevent hair loss.

Hair fall occurs due to various reasons and to prevent your precious tresses from falling you have to take some corrective actions. If you don’t alter your lifestyle and hair care habits it can lead to chronic hair loss and ultimately cause irreparable damage like alopecia. If you ignore the early signs of hair fall, it can become serious and cause baldness. Change these below mentioned habits if you want a healthy and beautiful mane.

1) If you have a habit of bathing with hot water, then change this habit. Use lukewarm water for baths and for washing hair. Hot water opens up the cuticles and causes roughness. If you can bear then use tap water for washing hair.

2) Apply oil by massaging it thoroughly into the scalp, a hot oil massage is very good for the health of your hair. Massage improves blood circulation, which in turn increases the supply of blood to the hair follicles underneath. So, if you are not into the habit of oiling hair, start doing it now. Oiling acts as preconditioning and prepares the air for shampooing.

3) Leave the shampoo on your scalp and hair for one minute. Do not rinse off the shampoo immediately, leave it on for a minute to develop. This will remove all the impurities and clean your hair thoroughly.

4) Condition your hair after every wash. Using a conditioner is very important, it nourishes the hair shaft and keeps them soft and smooth. Allow the conditioner to develop a little longer than the recommended time. It won’t do any harm, in fact you will be happy to see the results.

5) Do not comb your hair too harshly, avoid excessive combing or brushing. Also avoid touching your hair with your hands, it is bad for your hair since our fingers are laden with bacteria and dirt and this can stick to the hair and make them limp. In fact, bacteria can be very bad for the scalp if it catches an infection.

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