Steps That Can Be Taken To Reduce Unnatural Hair Loss In Women

It is very common for women to face the problem of hair loss in old age. However, if hair loss occurs in young age, it is a cause of great concern and requires immediate treatment.

It is common to shed around sixty to eighty strands of hair in a day due to hair washing, hair combing and hair styling. However, if hair loss exceeds sixty to eighty strands in a day, it is known as unnatural hair loss and requires proper treatment.

This unnatural hair loss in women can occur due to various reasons. Improper hair care, lack of nutrition, excessive exposure of the hair to heat and use of chemicals on the hair are some of the factors resulting in unnatural hair loss among women.

Let us here discuss about some of the steps which can be implemented to reduce unnatural hair loss in women.

First of all, you need to take proper care of your hair to reduce hair loss and encourage hair growth. Shampoo and condition the hair well. Be gentle with your hair while shampooing and conditioning the hair. Make sure that the shampoo and conditioner are suitable for your hair type.

Do not make the mistake of rubbing your hair after washing. Blot dry the hair with towel and allow the hair to dry naturally. Use of blow dryer to dry out the hair may be harmful for the hair and may make the hair dry and brittle. This may lead to hair loss.

Use of heat generating hair styling equipments such as curling iron and flat iron should be avoided. These equipments generate heat, which is very damaging for the hair and tends to make the hair dry and weak, thus resulting in hair loss.

Hair treatments such as hair coloring and hair perming involve the use of chemicals. These chemicals are very harmful for the hair and result in hair loss. So, use of such treatments on the hair should be avoided.

Make sure to provide proper nourishment to the scalp, so as to treat hair loss and encourage hair growth. Massaging the scalp with warm olive oil at least twice in a week is a very good way to provide proper stimulation and nourishment to the scalp.

Blood circulation in the scalp is promoted and hair growth is encouraged with the help of warm olive oil scalp massage.


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