Square Faced Men

Men with Square face are gifted, they have a perfect jawline and any hairstyle will suit them, this face type is the most desirable one. It has a rugged look and with certain hairstyles it can give a classic look as well, there is a lot of room for experimenting. Men with square face can wear short as well as long haircuts without any efforts, it naturally looks perfect on them, they hardly need any corrective hair cut.

If you wish you sport a long hairstyle ensure that it does not fall straight, it should have some soft curls. The idea is to enhance the square face shape so if you opt for a short length hair do, avoid a cut that will cover your square shape. Focus on highlighting the square line, do not cut the crown flat since it will make your jawline and chin look thicker.

Not just the face shape but also the neck, forehead and jawline should be taken into consideration while giving a haircut. If the neck is short then keep the hairlength short whereas a longer cut will suit long neck. Also men men with soft jawline can wear beard to define the jawline. If you have a large forhead then cover it up middle or side parting, small forhead can be covered with bangs, similarly if you have a receeding hairline then cover it with bangs.

It is important to consider various factors while selecting a hairstyle, check with your hairdresser about the maintenance of your haircut. If you have a busy lifestyle and won’t be able to spend more than few minutes on your hair then ask for a zero maintenance cut. Also avoid cuts that would require regular application of hair products like gels, mousse etc since these are not good for your hair.

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