Some Tips For Better, Curly Hair Growth

Do you have curly hair? Do you want your curly hair to grow in a healthy manner? Here are some tips for better curly hair growth.First of all, you need to determine the health and condition of your curly hair.

If your curly hair are damaged, then it would be difficult to grow them in a healthy manner. So, first of all, it is important to treat the hair damage, so as to promote hair growth.

Protect the hair from exposure to the harmful ultra violet rays of the sun by wearing sunscreen on your hair whenever you go out in the sun. Avoid the exposure of the hair to heat generating hair styling equipments to prevent hair frizz and hair damage. Ensure that there are no split ends in the hair. Go for trimming of the hair once in two months to avoid the formation of split ends in the hair.

You should take care of your diet, so that there is fast curly hair growth. Take a healthy and nutritious diet, enriched with fresh fruits, green vegetables, milk, soybean, nuts and yogurt, so that hair growth process is speeded up.

Lack of hydration in the hair also restricts the hair growth process. So, you should drink lot of water in a day to maintain the hydration level of the hair and speed up the hair growth process.

Do not make the mistake of combing your curly hair when they are wet. The hair are prone to break if combed when they are wet. So, allow the hair to dry before you run the comb in the hair.

Do not wash the hair every day. Washing the hair every day strips off natural oils from the hair, thus making the hair dry and brittle. So, washing of the hair should be limited to only twice or thrice in a week, so that natural oils in the hair are retained and hair remains healthy. Hair growth process would be promoted as a result.

Make sure that the shampoo and conditioner that you choose are specifically made for curly hair. This is a very good way to improve the health of the curly hair, thus speeding up the hair growth process.


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