Solutions For Balding

Balding is a universal problem, it can be really disturbing and embarrassing. Hair is supposed to be our crowning glory, it makes a difference to our personality. And when we loose our valuable tresses, it can be very depressing. There was a time when balding was incurable but these days there are several solutions for balding. Here, we shall discuss about one of the solution for Male Pattern Thinning (MPT). Earlier, people used to wear artificial hair in the form of wigs, but it had its own pros and cons.

The natural looking wigs would cost a bomb and the maintenance too was quite time consuming. Moreover, I would always have a fear in the mind about the wig falling off. Now, with a plethora of treatment options, you can choose one that suits your requirement.

Surgical camouflage – Earlier multiple graphs were transplanted which made the hair look artificial, it would appear like rice paddy fields. But new developments have proved to eliminate this issue. Now, single follicular graphs are transplanted which give a completely natural look.

This method uses the hair on the back of the head that is genetically programmed not to fall. This hair is transplanted to the front of the head. The follicles are place 1.5 to 2 mm apart in a particular pattern. This procedure is performed under local anaesthesia so the patient usually stays in the hospital for a day.

After the treatment, the patient is put on antibiotic and anti-inflammatory medicines for 5 days and within 3 to 4 months there is hair growth. But the growth may not be as thick as the natural hair. It is important to consult a reputed trichologist for this treatment since it is performed under anaesthesia. Baldness today is no longer untreatable, you need to identify the right treatment for you.

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