Smelly Hair Problem

Smelly hair can be a complete turn off, not just for others but also for the person who suffers from this problem. It can be very embarassing and difficult to deal with. The condition can get worse, especially in the hot summer, when humidity is at its peak and sweating is inevitable. Though sweating is not the only reason for smelly hair. Want to know, who the main culprit is? Well, it is fungus, that causes scalp odour.

The first step to preventing hair odour is to keep the scalp clean. Wash your hair frequently, as often as every day. This will ensure that there is no oil build up on the scalp. When the natural hair oils secreted from the sebaceous glands, come in contact with sweat, they create a greasy built up of oil. This serves as food for fungus, the fungii thrives on this oil build up and spreads itself in the entire scalp.

If you have been suffering from this smelly hair syndrome, worry not. We share some tips to get rid of this condition. A quick fix for this hair problem would be using a perfume. If you are outside, on a beach or watching a sports match at a stadium, you might experience excessive sweating, which will lead to hair odour.

To treat such an emergency situation, simply spray some perfume on your tresses. This is the best way to deal with smelly hair in a quickie. Another remedy is to use anti-microbial shampoo or a clarifying shampoo. This will ensure that your scalp remains squeaky clean at all times.

You could also add a pinch of baking soda to the bathing water. Soda, will clear the residue from scalp and also fight against the dreadful fungus. Follow these simple tips and bid goodbye to smelly hair problems.

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