Skin Care for Middle Aged

Skin care should begin as early as attaining puberty because hormonal acne first shows up at this time. The chances of cystic acne are high and can cause damage to the underlying layers of the skin which is often difficult to reverse and shows up as uneven textured skin.

The best thing to do at this age is to stop acne from developing by consulting a dermatologist. Although fine lines start developing during twenties but they are not visible to naked eye. It starts showing up at the age of 30 around the eyes. But this condition can get worse as you age, frown lines on forehead, lines around eyes, laugh lines get pronounced.

Age spots and pigmentation becomes apparent. Skin takes on a rough texture as pores get enlarged and skin loses elasticity. The skin around eyes and cheeks starts sagging. In the late 40’s eye bags may develop giving a tired look. After menopause the sebaceous glands produce less oil which results in wrinkling. In 50’s there is also a likelihood of moles and warts developing. The ability of skin to recover from damage is reduced due to elastosis i.e changes in connective tissues that reduce elasticity.

Any topical treatment at this age is ineffective no matter how much the product boasts about it. Some of the procedurs that help are Co2 lasers, fraxel lasers, and specific lasers for vien removal. Eye bags can be reduced with blepharoplasty wherein excess fatty tissue around the eye lid is removed. Apart from these, face lift procedure can also be used. Recently a new method called thread lift is replacing face lift. Thread lift involves making small incisions into the skin through which specially designed surgical thread is inserted into the subcutaneous tissue. Once in place the threads are pulled tight for firmer skin.

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