Skin Care for Children

As adults we always long for baby soft skin which was gifted to us naturally, we crave for the soft and smooth skin. But do we realize how and when we lost that beautiful skin, we indulge in lots of skin care when we grow up but as kids it is our parents who need to take proper care of our skin.

Skin care should begin as early as possible infact the kind of care that we take during infant stage should continue in the later years. As we grow our skin is subject to various external pollutants and exposure to tough weathers according to our work life, these factors will have an effect on our skin. However if care is taken from the begenning the effects can be minimised.

The first step towards skin care among children is “Protection” , your child’s skin is very delicate and susceptible to damage. It is therefore important to protect the skin from various factors;

1) Sun protection – The harsh UV rays can cause permanent tanning and the child will never regain the same complexion ever again. Too much of exposure to sun when outdoors can also cause sun burn and in some cases skin cancer. Use a good quality sunscreen meant only for kids.

2) Bug protection – Children are prone to playing in the dirtiest of conditions when outdoors, they don’t bother if the place is hygenic or no, they don’t check if there are bugs and flies etc. They get involved in the game and have a care free attitude. It is our duty to protect their skin from bugs, use a repellent cream if they intend to play outdoor games in the evening. During day time sun protection is mandatory and in the evening bug protection is required.

3) Chlorine protection – If you want your todler to learn swimming then take them to a professional swimming coach and also ensure that the water doesn’t have too much of chlorine. Though you won’t have a control over the chlorine content but you can certainly use a water resistant sunscreen to take care of your childs delicate skin.

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