Simple Tips On Hair Care

Hair care may sound tedious but is actually very simple, you just need to give time to your hair. Care for your hair and see the rewards it will shower you with. Hair too like skin responds to good hygiene habits and inspite of being a dead part of the body it shines with life. Hair care has been practiced since centuries and some of the age old remedies are really worth adopting. These time tested home remedies may not have instant effect but the results are good in the long run and last longer. So don’t ignore grand ma’s advice, she sure knows the ancient art of hair care.

1) The first and the most important part of hair care is oiling your hair, nothing can replace a hot oil massage. It stimulates the scalp and improves blood circulation and activates the hair follicles. The result is thick shining hair.

Massage your hair with Aromatherapy oils for an even better effect, do it at least twice a week. Wrap a hot towel on your head and leave it for half an hour, this will allow the oil to penetrate in the hair shaft.

2) Next most important thing in hair care is to keep your hair and head clean. A clean head is a must to keep scalp conditions at bay, instead of using your normal shampoo go natural. Soak soapnuts (Reetha) in water overnight and boil the water, squeeze the soapnut to extract pulp from it.

Use this soapnut water for rinsing your hair, it maintains the pH balance and is an excellent cleanser. It also prevents hair fall and keeps a check on dandruff.

3) Finally nourish your hair with natural hair products available in your kitchen. Once a week rinse your hair with tea water, use it after you are done with shampooing. Apply curd on your head, it is an excellent conditioner and also prevents dandruff. Use Henna on your hair once a month, add fresh amla fruit (pulp) to the mixture. To give a burgundy tinge to your locks add beetroot pulp in the mixture.

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