Secrets for Glossy Hair

Ways to have beautiful hair.


Nothing is as relaxing as a hot shower. But is hot water good for hair? Well, a majority of them prefer hot or warm water to rinse hair. It is just fabulous in a cool weather to feel the warm water to caress your tresses.

Alas ,that is where the mistake lies. You need cool water to wash and rinse your hair; it closes up the cuticle retaining moisture.

Split ends

When hair is dry and brittle, it is vulnerable to get  split ends, which mars the beauty of  hair. Go for haircuts every six to eight weeks.


You may fancy hairstyle and like to sport different styles
, which require regular application of styling gel etc that can damage the hair in the long run. Go for simple hairstyle and keep the special ones for occasions. Avoid hair straighteners for curly hair; instead try gel or mousse to get a cute look.

Hair Accessories

Hair accessories definitely add an edge to your style but choose hair friendly accessories such as plastic barrettes over metal accessories to keep the hair from entangling and breaking. If you have to wear a ponytail use satin covered elastic to protect hair from ripping.

Styling products and hair color

If you want to have healthy shining hair avoid styling products, it can dry the scalp. Hair color can damage hair; a  nourishing diet can give you rich hair texture and natural color which can be more impressive than hair color.

Protect hair from sun

Hair can become dry and brittle as sun sucks out moisture. The hair looks lifeless. The best way to deal the harmful radiation from the sun is to wear a hat to cover the hair; scarf is also a great option to protect the locks. You can apply hair moisturizers to replenish moisture during outdoor activities.

Hair care

Devote a little time to pamper your hair to get lustrous locks .Treat hair with hot oil to provide strength and volume; it rejuvenates dry and dull hair adding shine.

Homemade hair conditioners can give natural shine and adds volume .Go naturally to treat hair loss, warm castor oil and almond oil and massage over scalp at least once a week. It can work wonders for the hair.

A little care ensures thick glossy hair to add to your beauty.


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