Sandalwood Oil For Hair

Hair care has always gained prime importance in all the eras of mankind, be it the tribal era or the latest modern era of human beings. Hair care has been practiced over centuries, though the hair care remedies have changed with the advancement in technology and science but we keep going back to the roots. One such ancient remedy for hair care is the use of Sandalwood oil.

This oil is is native to India, it is distilled from the wood of fully mature sandalwood trees. The centre of commercial cultivation of sandalwood is Karnataka. Sandalwood oil is also a part of aromatherapy oils and is considered as a highly effective essential aroma oil.

It has long been in use in Ayurvedic medicine for its healing properties and reputed to improve the memory. It is also one of the oils mentioned in the Bible. King Solomon was told by God to use Sandalwood for the making of the furniture in his great temple.

Sandalwood oil is profoundly calming and soothing in effect, this makes a good choice for hair care. It soothes conditions like dandruff, eczema and scalp rashes. It also has conditioning properties, moreover the fragrance is very relaxing to the senses.

The oil has a rich woody smell which makes it pleasant for therapeutic use. It also has sedative and relaxing effects, beneficial for relieving anxiety, tension and lifting depression. Helpful is freeing the mind from the past, invaluable as a remedy for insomnia. It is used in inhalations, vaporizers, baths and application or massage.

Since it has anti-inflammatory properties it can cure the worst of dandruff conditions. It softens dry scalp skin , reduces inflammation and irritation caused to hair from sun burn. It also has long staying properties which means the oil can be stored for years and it wont lose any of the properties.

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