River of Dreams

The most vital source of nature for survival is water. Not only does it support life, but is important for the overall well-being of the body.

The skin benefits enormously from water. Simple use of nature available readily can beat any product no matter how expensive.

Water can be the number one product for the summer – the complete skin care routine. Buy water-based moisturisers and products that are flower based. Rose water can also be a useful substitute. Use either these or a product that uses cucumber extract that keep the skin cool. Honey can also hydrate the skin and is a good product to include in your regimen. The best is water used in its natural state. Splash water generously on the face for instant freshness. Use regular water for the best results and keep the skin away from either very cold or warm water.

Steaming the face is also an excellent way to hydrate the skin. The best method is to follow the steam with the use of a good water based moisturiser used on the damp face. A regular steam for the face will ensure well hydrated skin that does not look lifeless and dull.

Simple rules to follow with water follow:

-Use damp cotton on the skin for any dry, irritable skin
– Drink plenty of water. Make sure there you have at least 2.5 litres of water every day.
– If drinking plain water is difficult, mix it up with seasonal fruits that will also add vital vitamins and minerals to your diet.
– Water can also be used as a mouth freshner. Mix it with honey and lime and you are set to go.
It’s no exaggeration then, that water is the drink of life. Make water the best friend for your skin, and there will never be way for any trouble.

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