Revitalize Damaged Hair

Hair can get damaged due to various reasons and seasons. But with the onset of summer, there is good news for those who wanted to grow their hair long. Well, studies reveal that hair grows faster during summer. The sluggish winter is over and the warm summer is up with the hot sun. Though your hair will grow faster during this season, it will be susceptible to sun damage. Protecting your mane from the harsh UV rays is a must, they can penetrate deep inside the shaft and even reach the cortex of your hair.

So, a good hair care regime and a squeaky clean head is what you need to keep your tresses in good condition. Always wear a sun screen not only for your skin but also for hair. These days, there are plenty of products available in the hair care range that offer sun protection for hair as well.

The sunscreen should have an SPF of about 8 to 10. Don’t settle for UV filters, and SPF is a must. Read the label to check if the product contains the right sunscreen.

Here, we share a simple home remedy to treat your tresses. Incase your beautiful mane is already damaged due to the summer heat, you can revitalise it with this mask. Grind together 1 cup fresh grated coconut, some brahmi leaves, 1 cup aloe vera gel and half cup fenugreek seeds (soak seeds overnight). Add water and make it into a fine paste.

Sieve through a soft cloth or thin muslin and you will get a green lotion. Massage scalp with a combination of coconut oil and castor oil for about 5minutes. Massage the green lotion gently for another five minutes. Leave this mask on your head for 20 minutes and wash with shampoo, follow it with a conditioner and voila, your tresses wil kiss you lovingly.

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