Rebonding After Care

Hair rebonding is the process of making your hair poker straight, it breaks the chemical bonds of your hair and then the solution straightens them and the bonds are re-arranged permanently. This treatment is a little harsh for your hair and thus after care is of utmost importance if you don’t want to lose your hair.

Care for rebonded hair –

1) Wash your hair with cold water do not use warm or hot water for head bath, use a clarifying shampoo once in a fortnight since it will clear the hair of any residue of the shampoo, conditioner or other hair products.

2) Do not use any heated electric instruments, not even a hair dryer. If you need to dry your hair quickly and hair dryer is unavoidable then use on cold air function where it will only blow lots of air.

3) Avoid using a brush since the movements may cause tension in the hair instead use a wide toothed comb.

4) Conditioners are a must since rebonding can make your hair dry, also leave-in conditioner is essential if you go outdoors. Use conditioners very generously specially before exposure to sun.

5) A balanced diet is very important include a lot of nuts, sprouts and red meat in your diet, your hair is made up of protein and to nourish it you need to feed it with the right food.

6) Don’t even think of any other chemical treatment after rebonding your hair, your stylist may recommend you for highlighting or any other service after a gap of 1 month or so but do not get carried away “STAY AWAY”. Once rebonded don’t think of doing anything to your hair for at least 6 months, not even a touch up.

Remember that rebonded hair becomes very weak and fragile and can fracture easily so even a careless mistake can cause tremendous hair loss.

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  1. gurneet says:

    hi !!!!!!

    i m gurneet……..i have got curly coarse dry n frizzy hair…got them rebounded last year in december……but i have never experience that straight hair feeling…….i talked to ma stylist he said that ma hair is like this only….specially this rainy season is making ma hair too frizzy….can u please suggest me some thing, so that i can avoid this frizz…..any home remedy (if u can tell me bout any commercial hair care product that too will be fine)

    i will wait fir your reply….thanx

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