Ramp Hairstyles

Do you envy the sexy hairstyles of ramp models? Though sometimes it is loud and bold, but some styles are simple and can be worn with oomph. We share some of these attention grabbing hairstyles that are sported by ramp models. The first step to this kind of hairstyle is good styling tools. You would require heavy duty hair dryer, flat iron or tongs. When we say heavy duty, we mean the voltage or the watts should be high. A hairdryer with maximum voltage of 1800 watts is perfect for styling this kind of hair.

Similarly, the flat iron too should be upto 220 volts. Along with these heated equipments you would also need heat protecting hair products, else you will get a frizzy mane after so much of styling. Heat protecting serums and sprays should be used before and after styling hair.

Do not compromise on the quality of the hair styling tool, a reputed brand is any day better than a cheap non-branded tool. Poor quality products can make your hair frizzy and dry. They can ruin the quality and texture of your lovely locks.

Having got the basics right, you can style your hair in a stylish but messy bun. This funky style is very common on the ramp and can be worn otherwise also. To get this look, tie your hair into a pony tail, the pony can either be high or low. Now, back comb the hair lightly, remember not to back comb it too vigorously. The strokes should be light and gentle.

Divide the pony tail into two sections and roll the lower section with your fingers in an inward manner. Secure it below the pony with bobby pins. Similarly roll the other section in an upward direction and secure it above the pony holder.

This ruffled bun looks classic and elegant. When it is worn high, it looks like a retro ramp style. To finish the look, mist some hair spray, you can replace the hair spray with a shine spray to add extra shine to your hair.

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