Preventing Grey Hair

Greying of hair is a natural process which is genetically determined and nothing can stop hair from graying though some people face premature graying. There is no scientific evidence that any diet, herb or supplement can prevent or reduce graying but some treatments have shown improvement in the condition.

Let us understand process of greying, we get the colour in our hair due to melanin. Our hair follicles consists of tiny pigment cells which produce melanin and thus we get colour in our hair, the activity of producing melanin reduces as we age and at a certain point it stops completely thus giving us colourless hair or grey hair.

Though greying of hair is genetic but there are some other causes also like smoking, deficiency of Vitamin B12, early menopause and stress. There are some temporary treatments for grey hair like hair dye, colouring and highlighting but it is best to treat this condition with natural remedies. These natural remedies are effective only if used for longer duration, you cannot see results within the 1st or 2nd session, it can take months for the results to visible so patience is the key.

  • Black pepper and curd – Mix approximately 1 gm of black pepper powder to a small bowl of curd (100 gms) and apply this paste once in a week and wash it off after half an hour, it will not only make your hair black but will also cure dandruff and act as a conditioner.
  • Boil tea leaves in water and strain it add 2 teaspoons of salt and leave it for 1 hour, wash it with warm water. Follow this regime once in a fortnight to see visible difference in the hair color.
  • Mix juice of bottle gourd in Olive oil and apply to hair, this will make your hair long, black, thick and shiny.

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