Pamper Your Skin With Chocolates

Who does not love chocolates? Chocolates are simply tempting which no one can resist. Chocolates are not only great to taste but great for the skin too. The latest trend to catch on, in the beauty industry is to pamper the skin with chocolates.

It is a complete package to give you a wonderful skin tone and texture.  What makes chocolate the most sought after beauty regimen?

Well, it is a luxury to treat your skin with chocolates which leaves the skin glowing. Skin can benefit tremendously from chocolate treatment as it has skin nourishing nutrients. Chocolates acts as moisturizers, it can alleviate skin dryness, making it soft and supple.

The brown chocolates are rich in antioxidants which reduce the free radical damage and smoothen out the wrinkles. The nutrients of the chocolate can detoxify the skin cells, rejuvenating and promoting skin renewal process. They are ideal to reduce the inflammation and heal the irritated skin such as the chapped skin, ease out sunburns etc.

You can get chocolate enriched beauty treatment at spa and experience the royal feel of chocolates through the body wrap treatment. It hydrates and soothes the skin making it smooth and supple. The treatment detoxifies the cell, giving you a tighter toned skin.

Many different alluring chocolate regimens are available in the spa, for you to choose. To make chocolate a part of your every day beauty treatment use any of the chocolate products such as the chocolate massage oil , chocolate body buffer, body scrub, shower gel etc.

Going to the spa  may not be possible for some. There ways to indulge in the goodness of chocolates. You can try this luxurious chocolate treatment at home. Make a rich combination of 2 tablespoons of cacao powder; which is the raw form of chocolate and 1 tablespoon of cream or full fat yoghurt. Apply to your face and leave for some time and wash it off.

Chocolates may be taboo for the diet conscious and they keep away from the yummy chocolates but you are depriving the body of wonderful nutrients which can boost your health and mind and of course beauty. Indulge in this exotic dark chocolate and look beautiful with glowing skin.


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