Nude Lipstick Trends for Different Skin Tone

Lipstick is one cosmetic that one likes to splurge on as often as one can, it gives many dimension to a womans’s personality and reveals her style quotient.. Those who prefer bright color lipstick may find the nude lipstick totally boring.

The nude lipstick is not given a try by many , as they assume it might not suit them. Many find the nude lipstick as very light or too dark and some feel that it might give them sickly appearance. But the neutral or the nude lipstick can create a fashion statement and make you stand out in the crowd.

You can look glamorous wearing them; you just need to pick the right one for your skin tone. If you are fair or medium complexioned nude lipstick in beige or blush tones looks perfect, you can also try the sheer light browns.

If you are having olive skin try a warmer shade such as the taupes, pink, browns or darker sheer beiges. Those of you with dusky skin can try dark browns.  The light skinned or caramel skin can go in for the beiges, tans and dark sheer browns.

When you buy a nude lipstick you should know when to wear it. You can choose to sport the nude lipstick and shades during the day for the chic look , but you can look gorgeous wearing it at night as well.

Nude lipstick looks enchanting when you want to have dramatic or smoky eyes. You can also wear them to get the feel of fresh lips without overdoing it. Always remember not to highlight the eyes and the nude lipstick together.

To get it done the right way flip through the pages of fashion magazine and get to know how a nude lipstick can be used to one’s advantage either to play up the eyes or the lips .

To get petal soft lips, exfoliate it regularly and moisturize it, to enhance the looks of  your  natural rosy lips. To look refined and polished with nude lips have matte lips and skin. The one advantage of nude lipstick is that , it blends well with all the outfits and it is clean and simple and yet sexy.


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