Never Ageing Skin

Wish there was a miracle to cure ageing, though ageing is an inevitable process you can reverse the effects to some extent with proper care. When we say “care”, we mean internal as well as external care. The adage “What goes in, comes out” seems to be apt in this case. To get a beautiful and glowing skin, it is important to eat well. Preventing ageing would mean a wholesome and holistic approach towards skin and body as a whole.

Try these simple and quick solutions to keep ageing skin at bay.

1) Protein – Protein is a basic component of the skin, eat a loads of pulses, soya, milk, tofu, fish, eggs, chicken. Fish is amongst the best sources of protein as it also provides you with essential fatty acids.

2) Vitamin A – This fat soluble vitamin is essential for maintaining and healing epithelial tissues, which make up most of the skin. The best sources of Vitamin A are egg yolk and non-fat milk. You can also get Vitamin A from foods rich in beta carotene, which the body can convert into vitamins. Eating fruits rich in Vitamin A can also give your skin that inner glow and radiance.

3) Vitamin B – Vitamin B helps in converting calories into energy for skin metabolism. Poor intake of any Vitamin B can cause dry and scaly skin since this vitamin keeps the oil producing glands functional which in turn keep the skin moist and smooth. The sources of Vitamin B are red meat, fish, bananas, whole grains, peanut butter and eggs.

4) Vitamin E – This vitamin has anti-oxidant properties and helps to slow down the ageing skin cells. Vitamin E reduces the production of an enzyme called collagenase which breaks down collagen, causing the skin to sag and wrinkles. Sun exposure can deplete the skin of Vitamin E making it vulnerable to sun damage. Some of the sources of Vitamin E are legumes, lean meat, almonds, leafy vegetables, olive and sesame oils.

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