Multiple Uses Of Skin Care Oil

Skin care oils are great way to moisturise and nourish skin. It replenishes dry and dehydrated skin, making it soft and supple. Hot oil massage is known to be the best treat for your skin. Massage invigorates the skin and removes dead skin cells, it also improves blood circulation. Massage also reduces scars and marks.

The best oil for skin would be essential aromatherapy oils, these oils have therapeutic properties apart from the relaxing remedies. Aroma oils can also be used as a conditioner for hai, it softens cuticles and nourishes your mane. Moreover, oil works as an emollient for the skin, so you can also use it before shaving your arms and legs. It will soften the hair on your skin and will remove the hair easily. What’s more?

You can also use oil for removing makeup, the best technique is to apply hot oil and massage it on your face, now use a hot towel and wipe off makeup or dirt and grime. Aroma oils can also cure wrinkles around the eyes. Alternatively, you can baby oil instead of aroma oils, not only is it easily available but has some feel good properties. It nourishes your skin and makes it baby soft.

Aroma oils are by far the best oils extracted naturally, they are free of chemicals and artificial fragrance. The aroma of these oils is absolutely natural. Its purity is impeccable and is very safe for sesitive or pimple prone skin. We suggest a concoction of aromatherapy oil which is ideal for all skin types. Take 50 ml of base oil, like Jojoba or a water based gel. You can also use aloe vera gel, it has soothing properties. Now add 25 drops each of essential oils like, Lavender oil, Tea Tree Oil and 5 drops of Rose oil. Mix it well and apply everyday on the face before retiring to bed.

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