Monsoon Skin Care

Skin care needs change according to seasons, a regime that may be suitable for summer may not be ideal for monsoons. You have to alter your skin care routine according to the weather conditions. For instance, if you have been using a sunscreen with high SPF during summer, you would need milder sun protection during monsoon. However, you may require water resistant sunscreen during monsoon so that it doesn’t run. There is a misconception about the use of sunscreen during rainy season.

Many people assume that it is safe to go out without sunscreen during monsoons. But this is not correct, you need sunscreen even when it is cloudy. The UV rays of the sun are so strong that they can penetrate the thickest of clouds. So wear your sunscreen even during rainy days.

This time of year requires moisturization, when your hands and feet are wet for longer period, they become dry. Moisturizing is required twice in a day. You also need to be careful with the footwear. Rain water can give you skin infection. Always try to keep your feet dry and clean.

For instance when you go to work, keep a pair of shoes in your locker. This will allow your wet footwear to dry easily while your feet will be saved from the wetness. If possible wash your feet before wearing the dry footwear. I know it may not be possible to wash your feet, however, you can use a wet alcohol based tissue to clean your feet. Alcohol will take care of any bacteria that you might have gathered due to rain water.

Clean the skin between toes and dry it thoroughly. These simple tips will ensure that your skin remains beautiful and healthy during monsoons. Keeping your skin clean is very important, we suggest you bath twice during the rainy days.

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