Monsoon Beauty Must Haves

Monsoon had finally arrived and its time to change your beauty and skin care regime. This means, you have to invest in some monsoon friendly products. Firstly, you need is a sunscreen but a water resistant one. There is a common misconception that sunscreens are not required during monsoons. But remember, the UV rays can cut the thickest of clouds and damage your skin.

So, a sunscreen cannot be eliminated from your skin care regime. It should be used throughout the year. However, you can use a milder sunscreen during monsoons. Moreover, get your hands on a water resistant sunscreen. It will not run out with the rain water.

But be careful for most of the water resistant sunscreens have a thick consistency and may be very heavy for application. Another important part of our body that is usually ignored is our feet.

They have to bear the torture of dirty rain water accumulated on the streets. Treat them with care, since this kind of accumulated rain water can cause severe skin infections in the feet. Moreover, our feet lacks moisture, so restore the moisture by simply rubbing little coconut oil on to it.

Next is to invest in some moisturizers for the face and body. Like winter, monsoon too has a cold weather and our skin needs moisturisation. It is essential to hydrate the skin with some light moisturiser. Another important thing is to keep your hair and skin clean.

Bath twice a day and add a little antiseptic liquid to your baths. Monsoon is a time when your skin catches infection. Not just skin, even the scalp can catch infection, so try to keep it clean. Wash your hair every time it gets wet, this will keep bacterial and fungal infections at bay. A clean and hygienic skin is a must during monsoon.

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