Messed Up Look

The latest this season is messed up or unkempt look. This kind of hair is big on style but low on maintenance. This hairstyle is all about fun and attitude, it can be mixed with rough and smooth textures for the chic look. For a fresh look consider keeping it simple with relaxed styling. If you have a crop or a bob, keep the front of the fringe heavy, and mess up the layers through the top and the sides.

Look at these funky styles to add some uniqueness this party season.

Retro look – Tie it at the back in a messy knot, or wear your backcombing with a twisted half-updo. One of the key elements of this style, apart from obvious backcombing, is a soft, falling down finish.

Wavy look – From tousled to teased, waves and curls are groomed and defined, with either a centre or side parting. This makes them versatile and sexy, this season the trend is towards softer waves. You can wear them loose for a relaxed look.

Bobs and Crops- Strong bobs and choppy crops are in vogue this season, the emphasis is on directional texture. Mix the rough with the smooth and play with layers for a finish that’s unique to you.

To get these waves, you can try some simple tricks at home if you have mid length hair. To get stunning waves, simply tie the hair into a braid before sleeping when it is slightly damp and wake up to natural waves in the morning. If you don’t have the time then just use a flat iron. Create a kinky style by ironing your hair from mid length, turn the iron forward in different directions to create straight ends that don’t curl inside. Iron your hair of those unruly waves and then ruffle it with your fingers for that messy look.

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