Managing Hair Well

In an attempt at achieving those glorious locks, we sometimes get carried away, trying almost everything we can find on our hair. The results often do more damage than good. Before experimenting on yourself, stop for one long, hard look.

Hair is of 3 most common types – normal, oily and dry. Normal hair is easy to manage, responds well to almost all treatments, and is the easiest to address. Dry hair loses its texture and moisture quickly, and tends to fray faster. Oily hair dons a greasy and sticky look despite regular washing. Know you hair type well. There are ways to work around each of these.


Since this hair type is easily responsive, it requires the least amount of special attention. Regular routines can be used effectively to obtain quick, gratifying results. Shampoos can be used along with conditioners to clean the hair. Moderate to light oils, the best being coconut oil, is most ideal for this hair type.


Excessively oily hair can be a little difficult to manage as even regular washing makes it appear lifeless. One effective way to cut the oils in this case is to mix lemon juice with the shampoo during application. An alternative is to leave lemon juice in the hair after it is shampooed for about a minute and rinse it out completely. Do not tie the hair when wet since the tied areas continue to appear oily. Avoid the use of conditioner altogether, or use a conditioner suited exclusively for oily hair. Hair must be washed more often since the tendency to gather and secrete oil is greater. Also, avoid eating very oily food as it contributes to the secretion of oil in the scalp.


This condition can be quite distressing, since it can give an unkept appearance even with constant attention. Regular oiling is very important for this hair type. Oil can be left in the hair occasionally to help keep the hair manageable. Heavier oils like almond and olive oil and good for this type of hair. Products like curd and eggs are good conditioners, and suit the hair better in these cases. Use conditioners that indicate use for this hair type. The use of leave-in conditioners that do not require being washed out after application help give hair a better appearance.

Once there is more understanding, it is ways much easier to care for our hair better. Insight is the key to success.

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