Male Pattern Baldness

Receding hair line is a common problem with men in their 40’s with some of them balding as early as 20’s. Though there isn’t much that can be done to prevent balding which is genetically determined. But there certainly is solution for bald men, with technological advances one can get a full hair head back with treatment. The treatment that we are talking about is hair implants, commonly known as hair weaving or hair restoration. Before you decide to go for a hair treatment try some quick fix tips to see if the thinning hair can be concealed in a clever manner.

For example, if you have fine/ thin hair then pump them up with hair colour. Hair colour makes your hair appear thicker purely because of the illussion of more hair. Use volume building hair products like a volumizer, apply it in a correct manner for that full head look.

Flip your head upside down and spary the volumizer on the roots, now blow dry your hair while it is still upside down. This will create a lot body and bounce in your hair. If the thinning of hair is too prominent and thes quick fixes are of no help then go for a hair treatment.

Hair is a sign of masculinity in men, so when they loose it they become extra conscious about it. Technically hair loss is purely a matter of health, lifestyle and genes. When you travel a lot you don’t have control over the water used for washing hair. The use of hard and soft water affects hair growth.

Stress also causes hair fall and nutrition plays a part in the scalp health. Meals on the go and fast food is harmful not only for your body but the holistic health of your hair. Smoking too, reduces the supply of oxygen to the scalp and skin. Other reason for thinning is your genes, if your maternal uncles have had bald heads, you too are likely to get bald sooner.

Balding can also be hereditary, however, hair loss in middle aged men is mainly due to the increase in DHT. Dihydrotestosterone is a hormone which can be blamed for “Male Pattern Baldness”. Whatever be the reason for baldness, there is solution in the form of hair weaving. But ensure that you visit a professional in this industry.

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