Makeup Tips For 20 to 40 Year Olds

Makeup needs change according to one’s age, but if you believe in light makeup and want to glam up your beauty quotient subtly then read this article. It is loaded with information and you might just find the answer for that ‘oh-so-beautiful’ sun kissed look. Remember the adage – Simplicity is charm. Well, it applies to makeup too, keep your makeup minimal for that naturally beautiful look. Creating this look is easy, however, you must keep the age factor in mind while donning your makeup.

Makeup for 20 something – This is the age when your skin is at its best, you have just crossed the puberty and the youthfulness is beaming on your face. There is no worry about wrinkles and laugh lines. Keep the makeup minimal, do not use heavy foundation, let the natural radiance of your skin show up. Simply use a bronzer with light shimmer. Do not use sparkle, it can mar your look. Pep up your eyes with mascara and let go of the eye liner, instead, use kohl pencil to fill the eyes. Add a dash of colour to your cheeks with light blusher. Paint your lips with a tinted lip balm for that naturally sun kissed look.

Makeup for 30 something – At this age you might require foundation for an even toned skin. But remember to blend it well into the skin, and follow it up with a bronzer. Define your eyes with eyeliner and mascara and a neutral colored eyeshadow. Use a light pink or peach blusher to highlight the cheekbones. Lipstick can be applied with a lip liner, however follow it up with a high gloss liquid lip colour to add fullness to the lips.

Makeup for 40 something – This is a time when you need concealing to cover up fine lines, pigmentation, skin colouration and so on. Use a concealer which is a shade lighter than your skin tone and follow it up with a foundation that matches exactly with your skin colour. Define eyes, lips, and skip the blusher. At this age no one will like to see rosy cheeks. Unless you have a really flawless skin, do not use a blusher.

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