Makeup Secrets Revealed

Wedding season is the time to get gorgeous, while we all give importance to our clothes and hair we often ignore makeup. Makeup is usually associated with the upper class society, though middle class ladies try to ape the high class socialites but they often commit makeup blunders. We share some tips on how to get your makeup right. Though makeup as a whole would mean the application of foundation, concealer, lipstick, blusher, eye shadow, eyeliner, masacara etc but it is not always necessary to wear everything every time. The most common mistake people commit is when they highlight all the features and use all the makeup stuff. Makeup should depend on the occasion and blend well with the outfit.

When you visit a mall or go for movies, keep the makeup light, dump the foundation and go for souffle, it is much lighter and looks natural in day light. Heavy foundation is not a good idea at such places. Infact souffle can also be skipped and you can opt for a plain jane look with lipstick and kajal. Accentuate your eyes with Kajal, it is safe for your eyes and is a rage these days.

Lipstick need not always be applied with lip liner, and never use a liner that is darker than the lipstick shade. It should be an exact match of the lipstick so is the case with foundation, it should match perfectly with your skin colour.

Always apply an eye shadow in 3 shades from the same colour family, don’t use a single coloured eye shadow. Never use brown mascara with black eye liner or vice versa. As much as possible avoid using brown liner or mascara since it does no good to your eyes, black is known to pep up the eyes. Avoid highlighting both eyes and lips, if you use a dark lipstick shade.

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