Makeup For Tired Eyes

Eyes are the door to our soul, they are the most expressive features of our face. Eyes generally look tired due to lack of sleep, whatever your age is if you don’t catch up on the z’s you  will get dark circles. Some of the common problems related with tired eyes are dark circles, puffiness, blood shot eyes and fine line or crows feet. Nothing works like a good night’s sleep, a minimum of 8 hours sleep is required not only for your eyes but also for your body.

When you sleep well you tend to wake up afresh and will feel energetic through out the day. However, if you have already developed any of the above condition then here are some ways to fix the problem.

1) Quick fix method – There is a simple trick to pep up your tired eyes, just dab some white coloured eye shadow on the lower lid. It will instantly open up the eyes and brighten your face. This is an easy quick fix method for camouflaging tired eyes.

2) Foundation – To cover dark circles and fine lines apply some foundation around your eyes, follow it up with translucent powder but use the powder sparingly. Ensure that the foundation is blended well else it will crease and look awful. Once you are done with the foundation try some bronze coloured shadow, this colour will immediately prep up your eyes.

3) Puffy eyes remedy – To fix puffy eyes there is a simple home remedy. Place a spoon in deep freezer for few minutes so that the metal becomes cold. Use this spoon on your puffy eyes and you will notice an instant result. This trick is absolutely easy and ideal for emergencies.  Follow these simple tips to get rid of tired and puffy eyes in a jiffy.

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