Makeup Brushes

Along with your hair and clothes, make-up is a representative of who you are and what sort of image you are conveying to the rest of the world. Just like fashion, makeup should be fun and can be adapted to suit your mood and the occasion. Selecting the right makeup brushes for your skin can involve a little ground work. The thumb rule is that your makeup brush should be of premium quality.

You would require various types of brushes for different features, a good brush is capable of creating dramatic effect if used correctly. Appropriate use of makeup brush can help is camouflaging all the flaws, it can thin a broad nose, it can make small eyes look big, it can make big lips look thinner and uplift flat cheeks, a good makeup brush is a pre-requisite for good makeup.

Makeup brushes are available in natural and artificial fibres, natural fibres are made of animal hair and artificial ones are made with synthetic fibres. To maintain the quality of your brush, it is important to keep it clean. The frequency of cleaning would depend on the usage, if you use it frequently then clean it often. Use a mild shampoo or cleaning agent for the brushes and let it air dry.

Alternatively you can use tissue paper after every use to dust off the excess makeup. If you use wet makeup like gels and liquids then clean the brush after every use with warm water and cleansing agent.

There are various types of brushes but some of the must haves for regular eye and lip makeup are enlisted here:

1) Lip brush – Lip brush is tapered and has a fine point, the bristles are soft and helps in blending the lip liner with the lipstick.

2) Eyeliner brush – This brush will help in application of liquid eyeliner or cream based kajal, it can create a thin line with precision. The brush should not be soft, infact it should be firm for creating definition.

3) Brush for blusher – Application of blusher will give your cheeks the perfect colour. This brush should ideally be a dome shaped one for it will naturally let the blush concentrate on the cheek bones and the shorter bristles will blend the colour around the cheek bones.

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