Makeup Application Guide

The secret to good makeup is the way it is applied. No matter how good the quality of your makeup is, it will not look good if it is not applied properly.

The difference between regular makeup and professional makeup is the way it is applied. Makeup, when applied properly will stay for longer and will not wear out easily. So, you can expect to look prim and proper even hours after the makeup application.

Want to learn the tricks of makeup application? Read on to know more about it. The first thing that you need to do is invest in some makeup application brushes. This is the first step to professional makeup application. The best of products will not give the desired results when not applied appropriately.

Let us first look at lipstick application since it is the most important feature and is often highlighted the most. To make your lipstick stay longer, apply some foundation and allow it to dry. Line the lips with a lip-liner pencil, ensure that it is sharp and precise. Now use a lipstick application brush and apply lipstick in one direction.

Start from the corner of the lips and work your way around, do not rub the brush to and fro, use it in one direction while applying lipstick. Finish the look with a little gloss or shimmer just at the bow of the upper lip and in the centre of the lower lip. This will make your lips appear fuller and thicker. The next part of makeup is blusher, though eye shadow is also an important part but eye shadow usually comes with a brush.

So, we shall look at blusher since many women commit mistake while applying it. You would need a big dome shaped brush for applying blusher, no other shape of brush will do. A large dome shaped brush is a must since it will concentrate the colour on the apples of your cheeks and subtly cover the surrounding area of the cheek with light blush.

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