Make Up Tips

Make up starts with the foundation, hence a correct shade of foundation which matches your skin perfectly is very important else you will look like a clay doll. Generally Indian skin has a yellowish tone and biggest blunder we do is we use foundation with a pink or orangish tone.

This is the first mistake which can ruin the entire make up, it looks extremely artificial and doesn’t give a natural look. It looks as if you are wearing a mask, remember that the purpose of make up is to enhance your features so don’t over do it. The most prominent features which should be done up while you get gorgeous are given below.

Eyes – Eyes are the most expressive features of your face, they can give a dramatic look if done up rightly. The first step to great eyes are long lashes, to get the perfect lash use a mascara that is not older than 3 months. Use the mascara brush back and forth so that the lashes get maximum coverage with the mascara.

Next is eye shadow, use an eye shadow which has 3 tones of the same shade for the perfect look. The lightest shade should be applied on the brow bone, the darkest shade on the crease and the medium shade on the eyelid.

Lips – There are some basic thumb rules to be kept in mind while applying lipstick.The colour of the lipstick should not be an exact match of the garment,else it will look tacky.Lighter shades should be worn during the day and darker ones during evenings. The shade of the lip liner should not be darker than the lipstick because once the lipstick gets lighter due to eating and drinking the lip liner will look 2 shades darker than the lipstick.Always bear in mind that when you wear a dark lipstick, do not use excessive eye make up, try to keep the face pale.

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