Loose skin

Loose skin is a problem that is mostly found in people losing plenty of weight. The excess skin looks very unhealthy and unsightly. After loosing plenty of weight, an individual may be very happy; however the loose skin may be acting as a spot on the new appearance that you may have attained due to lost weight. Loose skin may occur whether you have lost weight due to exercising, dieting, or any surgery. It is very important for an individual to tighten the skin on the face, arms, legs, neck, belly and rear.

In case of weight loss due to dieting, the skin of an individual may shrink over time with the stabilization of weight. A very firm support can be granted by going for building of muscle strength. An individual must definitely go for strength training program to strengthen the muscles and the skin.

In case of surgical process of weight loss, one might have to go for another surgery to get rid of the excess skin. Also, if an individual does not get rid of the excess skin, rashes and sores may develop on the skin. Surgery can help a great deal in improving the appearance of the skin of an individual.

The loose skin of the neck and face can be tightened by repositioning cheek pads, removing jowls, and tightening loose skin. In this treatment, slits are hidden behind the ears and in hairline.

The excess skin from the arms is lifted from elbow till the armpit. It may sometimes be continued with some chest part.

In order to lift the loose skin in the lower area of the body, excess skin is removed from rear, groin, outer thighs and tummy.

Excess skin around the thighs can be lifted by removing loose and extra skin between the knee and the groin.

All the procedures that have been described above to get rid of the loose skin may leave behind some scars. Bleeding, scarring and infections may also occur during the treatment. Further, it may take some time to heal properly after the surgical process of getting rid of the loose skin. However, after some time, the loose skin may be tightened and a sleek physique would be attained.


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