Long Hair

Long hair has always been considered sexy and sensuous, it also offers plenty of styling options. But your hair length is determined by your genetics, hormonal fluctuations and age. The rate of hair growth also depends on the seasons, hair will generally grow faster during summer as compared to winter. Though you cannot control the seasons, you can stimulate your hair follicles.

Regular scalp massages can boost hair growth by 5- 10 %. Gently massage your hair for 2 minutes every time you shampoo your hair. It is good to massage oil in your hair at least once in a week, leave it overnight and use a hot towel wrap for deeper penetration of oil. The normal rate of hair growth is half an inch per month.

It is difficult to grow hair long no matter how much you desire. Your mid length hair looks chic when it falls on your shoulder, but as soon as it gets a little longer the ends tend to flip up and look uneven. You might feel like chopping your hair off or completely shun the salon. But don’t do any of these 2 things. The shape of your hair changes when it grows so a regular trim is required to adjust the volume and balance the weight.

A trim every 2 months is good enough and you can just trim half an inch or maybe less than that. If you don’t trim the hair it will look like a mushroom. When you grow your hair it is normal to feel that the last few inches take the longest to grow. It is like those last 3 kilos of weight that just don’t seem to lose. Don’t fret for the length that you have by now is good enough to handle various hair styles.

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