Layered Looks

It’s natural to tire of the same style over time. If only there was a method by which we could keep changing the way our hair looked without having to tamper with its length by cutting it. One look that satisfies this need almost entirely is layers.

The way layered hair is obtained is quite complex. Sections are made in the hair, which are then cut in different lengths to give a look that is shorter at the top and longer at the bottom. Depending on the structure of the face and the preference of the person, you can start with either a really short or long first layer. Very short layers in the front form bangs or wisps that fall over the face. When styled, they can actually produce varieties of looks. This is a style that can be carried equally successfully on straight or surly hair. This is also a very good styling option for those with thin hair as it adds volume and bounce to it.

Layered hair looks best left open. When left open, the hair looks full and healthy because of the bounce that layers produce. The only care that has to be taken is to trim the hair regularly. Layers grow out easily, and can appear shabby when left open afterwards. Depending on the kind of hair that you have, you can opt for with either a centre or a side parting. To keep the layers in front out of the face simply pull them back and tie them into a half ponytail. Simple, pretty clips can be used to hold the hair back too.

It is a little difficult to make an elaborate style like a bun on layered hair. Due to its varying lengths, it is difficult to get all the hair together and keep it down without strands coming loose. Use plenty of pins to reinforce the bun should you choose it.

Layers are also used to style men’s hair today. Few soft layers can give a man a slightly different look that lacks monotony. Not only does it give their hair depth, but also volume.

Now there is no cause to worry about having scanty hair. The layered look is a quick fix to all your problems.

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