How to Make Your Face Smooth….and Clean

Clean, fresh, smooth and moisturized face is the desire of everyone. Everyone wants his or her face to deliver a fresh and smooth look. In order to get a nice look of the face, it is very important that the face looks smooth and clean. There are various ways and various products available these days that help in making the face appear to be clean and smooth.

Home made remedies are always considered to be the best as compared to the commercially available products for cleaning the skin, as the products available from the market are enriched with chemicals that may be sometimes harmful for the skin. Let us here discuss about the ways of making the face look clean and smooth.

Steps to make the face look smooth and clean

The things that would be required are sugar (three cups), tooth paste (one tube), flour (one quarter cup), baby oil (one small bottle), cleanser (one bottle), concha nacar (one tablespoon) and vitamin E oil (one quarter cup).

All the ingredients are mixed together to form a paste. In case a good paste is not formed, more sugar can be added to the mixture.

Add a small amount of water in the mix and store the mix in a tightly sealed container, to retain it for further use later on.

The face is then washed with facial bar or a mild cleanser to get rid of all the dirt and oil from the skin. The face is then patted dry. Thereafter, the prepared paste is applied on the face. The paste is scrubbed on the face properly in circular motions. Carry on the procedure for around five minutes.The face is then washed off and patted dry. A revitalized and clean look of the face would be attained as a result. An individual would herself feel the difference on the face after carrying out this procedure.

The same procedure can be carried out on the hands, body and feet also. A very fresh and clean skin is attained with the help of the above discussed procedure.

The texture of the skin becomes very smooth and moisturized with the use of the home made remedy described above.


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