How To Deal With Hair Disasters

Hair problems are a plenty and coping with them can be difficult. We share some hair disasters that can ruin your beautiful mane. Hair disasters often occur after a major chemical treatment. Of all the treatments perming and colouring have the most devastating effect on your hair.

Here, we discuss what happens with your hair whilst it is permed or chemically treated. This will give you an idea about how to reduce the damage or you may change your mind and let your hair be the way it is. Let us see what happens when you perm your hair. Perming is a process of breaking the natural bonds of your hair by using chemicals.

These bonds are rebuilt after the desired curl is achieved. The rebuilding process takes 3 to 4 days. So you may think that your perming job is done at the salon but it may continue to work even after you walk out of the slaon.

Extreme care needs to be taken during this phase since the hair becomes fragile and can break easily. You should not touch or comb your hair after perming. Even shampooing is not recommended for few days. Ask your hairdresser for a post care guide and follow it religiously. Else, you will loose hair in chunks.

Hair colouring on the other hand works in a different way. It does not break the bonds of your hair, instead the chemicals cause the hair shaft to swell so that colour pigments penetrate deep inside it. This swelling is temporary and will be washed away when you rinse the hair.

However, the chemical process of colouring will continue for few more days. That is why hairdressers say that the colour will take some time to settle and the desired colour can be seen only after few days.

Again this method is harmful for the hair since the colour is a permanent one and will stay in your hair forever. Hair fall is commonly observed after a colouring job, moreover hair tends to become dry and dehydrated. It is advisable to use shampoos and conditioners meant for coloured hair.

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