How to Cut Hair- Hair Cutting Tips

If you have hair, you’ll eventually get it cut—unless you’re singer Crystal Gayle. The problem, as every woman knows, is that poor communication between client and stylist can make you look like a Chia Pet. That’s why Hallmark actually came out with a “condolences on your haircut” card series some years ago.

Did you ever make paper dolls or cut patterns in paper? It is as easy this to trim hair. A trim is simply cutting off the ends of small lengths of hair. Anyone can trim bangs or hair between hair salon visits. There are just three things you need to know in order to do a professional – looking touch-up between cuts.

Hair Cutting Tips

Maintaining shorter lengths for cutting (1/4-inch) keeps the hairs firmly in place as you cut. Ready the hair first by thoroughly combing or brushing out all the snarls and tangles. Thick hair and long hair may need to be wet first. Coarse and/or super-straight hair should presumably be left to the professionals. This hair shows no leniency and be forewarned; any mistake at all will be very noticeable. This type requires a trained hand/eye, patience, very sharp scissors and is definitely easier to be done by someone other than yourself anyhow.

One of the best ways to assure that you get best haircut, every time, is to give a good tip. If you have a long face, neglect the popular bob hairstyle, which draws attention to facial length-particularly in the chin area. Also remain away from short bangs and excess volume on top. If you have a square face, don’t cut your hair too short.

Always do your homework first, taking time to flip through magazines, or better yet, look at virtual hairstyling websites so you can take a photograph with you to the stylist. Not only will this help the individual have a much clearer picture of what you want, but also by printing off styles, you can take a few days to study them and narrow your choices down. You might even have a photograph of a friend that has the ideal cut.

Ask friends and family that have hair you like where they go. Another option would be when visiting a salon for the first time, find the stylist whose hair you like and ask for the name of the person that does theirs. Typically, stylists in one salon will cut each other’s hair. This way, you can see the person’s work, which will give you much more confidence.

Straight hair is the most difficult to cut, since there’s nowhere for mistakes to hide. Minor errors on curly locks tend to disappear in the jumble. If you’re cutting wet hair, keep in mind that it will be shorter when it dries. Curly hair shortens the most after drying, sometimes significantly.

Use the correct shampoo for your hair type. Not all hair is created equal. If you have long hair, get your hair cut in the back in a v-shape. It allows for extra length without leaving you looking too “high school,” plus it’s a classic look for long hair that’s universally considered gorgeous.

Edge the front, sides and nape of the neck first for a shape-up then cut the hair. Should your child not tolerate a haircut before you or the barber is done, a shape-up will give him a clean, fresh haircut look, even if the hair has not been entirely cut.

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