How To Create A French Roll

The twisted French roll is one of the most famous hairstyles, it looks elegant with both western as well as ethnic outfits. This hairstyle is perfect for parties and formal occasions. The style is so simple to achieve that you can do it yourself. You don’t even need any assistance to make a French roll, its that easy. We tell you the simple trick of getting this hairstyle up and rocking. To get this hairdo right, the texture of your hair plays a very important role.

You cannot make a french roll with dry and frizzy hair, nor will it look good on wavy or curly hair. The reason why it wont go well with this kind of hair is that, it should be smooth and the finishing plays a very important role. We tell you the secrets of the perfect roll. Read on to learn this hairstyle.

Step 1 – Firstly, you need to shampoo and condition your hair,remember conditioning is a must. But also ensure that you rinse off the conditioner thoroughly, any product residue will weigh down your hair and wont give desired results. Now blow dry your tresses, using a paddle brush. This brush is known to be straighten out even the toughest of waves. After blow drying, you need to use a flat iron for a super straight and sleek look. Ironing will improve the texture of your hair drastically and also add shine to your mane.

Step 2 – Now your hair ready to be styled into a French roll. Hold your hair high up as if you were tying a pony tail. Twist all the hair that has been held up, twist it tightly until you reach the end. Next, secure the excess hair (i.e. the ends) inside the twisted French roll with U-Pins or Bobby Pins. Voila, it just took a minute and your French roll is ready. Isn’t it simple and easy? Try it.

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