How to Cover Beauty Marks

Moles were anciently considered to be the beauty marks on the skin of the women. Women and young girls sometimes deliberately created moles on their cheeks or other areas of the face to enhance the beauty of their skin. Women thought that they looked sexy with the visibility of the moles. Moles were really considered as very good beauty spots. As far as moles help in enhancing the beauty of a woman, there is no problem.

However, if these moles become a spot on the beauty of a woman, it is very important to get rid of them. When the moles are found on the cheeks, near the eyes, near the lips or on the chin, then there is nothing to worry about.

Moles in these areas help in enhancing the beauty. However, if these moles are in greater number, then there is a need to conceal them. Also, if the size of the mole is very big and it draws the attention of everyone, then there is a need to hide it.

There are several ways to hide the beauty marks. Some of such ways are discussed below.

One of the ways to hide the mole is the application of foundation on the mole. This is a proven method of hiding the mole.

If an individual plans to cover the entire face with foundation, then a concealer should be used to hide the mole. Make sure to give maximum coverage when concealer is used to hide the beauty spot. Cream based concealers are considered to be the best in this case. Setting powder should be used after the application of cream concealer, so as to prevent against peeling off of the concealer.

In most of the cases, moles on the skin do not cause any kind of harm. However, some moles may be cancerous in nature. Moles with dark and blotchy edges are considered to be cancerous moles as against moles with clean, smooth and rounded edges. People may feel itching on the cancerous moles. It is recommended to seek the advice of dermatologist to get rid of such moles, before they harm you.


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