How To Control Fly Away Hair

Fly away hair can be troublesome, specially while you are working. It is a complete distraction and looks like you have had a bad hair day. Hair tends to get frizzy and flies specially during the cold weather, climatic conditions play an important role in changing the texture of your hair. During winter hair tends to lose its natural moisture, this in turn leads to lack of moisture retention. It is said that moisture attracts moisture, so if your hair is dry then it will attract more dryness. It is very crucial to condition the hair thoroughly during winter.

There are plenty of products available over the counter but one of the best conditioner lies in your kitchen. Safflower oil is what we are talking about, just take a few drops of this oil and rub in on your palms, apply this oil at the ends of your hair and then work it up to the shaft. Safflower oil will not only add shine but will moisturise your locks throughout the day. It is the best known conditioner for your hair during these nippy months.

Another conditioner for hair would be curd, this is an excellent conditioner and it not only moisturizes the hair but also cools the scalp. Curd is also known to cure dandruff, regular use of curd will remove dandruff completely. Specially the ones caused due to dryness, curd has many hair benefits, when mixed with black pepper powder it darken grey hair.

Applying curd once in a week is a treat for your hair, leave it for half an hour and then shampoo as usual. Be careful, not to leave any traces of curd in your hair for it can attract dirt and grime. You can also apply aloe vera gel on your hair instead of hair serum, it will not only condition the hair but will also nourish it from within. Follow these simple home care tips and bid goodbye to fly aways.

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