How to Choose the Right Shampoo

Shampooing is a very essential part of the hair care regime. It keeps the hair and scalp clean and keeps infections at bay. Regular shampooing followed by conditioning is the best way to keep hair in good condition. It will prevent hair loss and other hair problems like dandruff. But a wrong shampoo will do more harm than good and can have devastating effects on the quality and texture of your hair. Shampoo should be chosen according to the hair type. There are different types of hair and each type would require a special shampoo. In order to buy the right shampoo you must first identify your hair type.

Oily hair – This type of hair looks greasy and oily in one day after washing. Usually, the hair is limp and catches dirt easily. Dab a tissue on your scalp as soon as you wake up and check if there is oil in the tissue. Any traces of oil would mean the hair is oily.

Dry hair – If your hair looks frizzy, dull and lacks shine then it would indicate dry hair. This type of hair is prone to splitting and requires a mild shampoo with an intensive conditioner.

Normal hair – This kind of hair is the best one to have, you don’t have to worry about it at all. The hair is usually is good condition and requires regular shampoo and conditioner, a pH balanced one would be better.

Combination hair – This type of hair is oily at the roots and the shaft is dry. Use a shampoo meant for oily hair and a conditioner meant for dry hair.

Having identified the hair type it may be noted that shampoo’s with too many ingredients are not good for the hair. Look for a shampoo that has two to three ingredients. Another factor that should be noted is that salon products for hair care are more effective than over the counter products. They do not leave any residue hence there is no product build up. Moreover, you would require very less quantity of such products.

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  1. Dentist El Paso says:

    Oily hair and dry hair are the ones needs extra effort to take care, but for normal type of hair, it is managed well. Though it is kind of sad that there are shampoos which are not really effective to you, and some causes your hair to be oily or dry.

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