How To Choose A Flat Iron

Want silky straight hair? Choose the right flat iron to get a poker straight mane. Flat irons are a rage world over and are the best tool to straighten wavy or curly hair. This temporary method of straightening is less damaging to your hair, since it doesn’t require any chemicals. However, that doesn’t mean, it is 100% safe for your hair. Flat irons have their own set of pros and cons. After all, it is a heated instrument and any such tool will affect the quality of your hair if used excessively.

Flat iron is an excellent styling tool and is very convenient to use. You can style your hair on your own, in the convenience of your home.But, you first need to select a good iron. This is very important, a good iron would mean, half the job is done. Poor quality irons can make your hair frizzy.

Here are some tips to bear in mind before you buy your flat iron.

1) Volts – Your iron should be of about 220 Volts and around 50 to 60 Watts. Anything less than that, will not straighten the hair, instead it will make it frizzy. Higher volt is certainly not a good idea since the iron can get really hot and burn the hair.

2) Ceramic Plate – Buy a flat iron with ceramic plate. When a ceramic plate is heated, it releases moisture which is absorbed by the hair. This makes the hair soft and smooth to touch. Other types of plates like metal plates or glass plates, may be cheaper, but they are harsh on your hair. Don’t compromise on the quality of your

3) Ions – Ionic iron is the latest entrant in the flat iron market. When you iron your hair, the instrument releases ions, which are good for your hair.

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