How to Bring Damaged Hair Back to Life

It is easy to grow the hair long, but it is difficult to maintain and take care of it. The hair of a woman may get damaged due to various factors. Use of heat generating hair styling equipments, such as blow dryer, curling iron and flat iron may spoil the health of hair and result in hair damage. Use of chemicals on the hair in the form of hair coloring and hair perming is very damaging for the hair. Excessive exposure of the hair to the sun also damages the hair. Let us here discuss about ways to bring damaged hair back to life.

First of all, it is very important for women to make sure to abandon the use of heat generating hair styling equipments. The heat that is generated from blow dryer and flat iron results in hair problems such as hair dryness, hair frizz and split ends. Therefore use of such equipments should be abandoned.

You should make sure to wear sunscreen on your hair to prevent further hair damage due to exposure of the hair to the sun’s heat.Make use of moisturizing shampoo and moisturizing conditioner to revive damaged hair.

Drink lot of water in a day, so as to maintain the hydration level of the hair and keep them soft and smooth. This is a very good way to treat damaged hair.You should also make sure to eat a healthy and nutritious diet, enriched with fresh fruits and fresh vegetables, so the health of the hair is improved and hair damage is treated.

It is also important to provide hot oil treatment to the hair. Olive oil is very good oil for moisturizing the hair and keeping them healthy. Massage the scalp with warm olive oil to deal with damaged hair. The scalp should be massaged at night and the hair should be washed next day in the morning to attain soft, smooth and healthy hair.

Ensure that there are no split ends in the hair. Get your hair trimmed once in two months to prevent hair damage and avoid the formation of split ends.



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