How to Avoid Burning Your Hair With A Curling Iron

Women often make use of heat generating hair styling equipments, such as curling iron and flat iron, to style their hair. It is very important to keep in mind that these are electrical appliances and may pose certain kinds of risks.

The hair may get damaged, dry, frizzy, and burnt due to the use of curling iron. Therefore, it is very important to use curling iron on the hair in a proper manner, so as to prevent hair damage. Here are some of the tips to avoid burning your hair with a curling iron.

While using curling iron on your hair and moving the iron downwards, you should make sure to lift your hair in a careful manner between the fingers. Also, do not make the mistake of leaving the iron on hair for a long time period, so as to prevent the hair from getting burnt. Also, you should make sure that you do not burn your ears, neck or fingers while you use the curling iron.

Make use of thermal protectors to prevent burning of hair due to heat generated from curling iron. Thermal protectors often come in form of hair sprays. Apply the spray on the hair after washing the hair and before running the curling iron. Thereafter, run the curling iron to prevent burning of hair.

You can also buy curling iron which has the option to regulate the temperature. This would help a great deal in preventing the hair from burning. Also, use of good quality curling iron would help in preventing the formation of split ends in the hair, thus keeping the hair healthy.

Regular exposure of the hair to heat generating curling iron is very damaging for the hair and may lead to burning of hair. So, make use of conditioning products on your hair so as to prevent hair damage due to heat.

Always make sure to use moisturizing oils and hair rejuvenating products to repair damaged hair and prevent hair frizz. Use curling iron in a proper manner, so that any kind of risk is avoided. In case your hair gets damaged and burnt, immediately go for a cut, so that further damage is prevented.


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