How To Add Volume To Your Hairstyle

No matter what hairstyle you choose, there should be some volume and bounce in your hair. Limp hair will make even the best of hair cut or style look awful. For instance, if you have layers and they fall very flat on one side, they will frame your face and stick  to it instead of showcasing your cut.  There are many things that go into creating volume, your hair products, the method of styling, styling tools used.

Here, we give you a complete know – how for adding oomph to your hairstyle.

Blow drying – Blow drying technique plays a very important role in adding volume and body to your tresses. The best way to blow dry is to turn your head upside down and blast the dryer from behind. This will lift the roots and create body in your limp hair. Do not use a dryer on very wet hair, use it on damp hair. Once you flip your head back to its natural position., use cool setting on dryer and give a blast of cold hair. This will not only cause less damage to hair but will also set your hair in place.

Hair products – Hair products like mousse, can be used to add volume to your dull and boring mane. Apply mousse on damp hair, do not use on the roots. Follow it up with a blow dryer and see the wonderful results. Spray mousse is ideal for all types of hair cuts or style, it is easy to manage.

Shampoo and Conditioner – If you want volume, skip the conditioner once in a while. But only if your hair is nourished and won’t look like dry straw. If you feel your hair cannot do without conditioner, then dilute conditioner with some water to make it light. Heavy conditioning will weigh down your hair. Also use a volume building shampoo instead of the regular one.

Combing and brushing – When you don’t have the time to do all of this, try a simple trick. This is a quick fix method to create volume. Back comb your hair with a brush or comb, it will instantly lift flat roots. Flip your head upside down and brush again. And voila! you have bouncy hair in minutes.

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