How Much Quantity Of Hair Product Is Good

While hair products help you achieve the desired hairstyle, it is important to know how much hair product you should use. Over use of hair products can actually work the wrong way. It can make your hair limp and dull, too much of hair products can weigh down your hair.

Not just that, excessive use of hair products can cause hair loss. And if you don’t remove the product from your head before sleeping, it can cause severe damage. It is important to tenderly care for your hair to keep it in good condition. We share some information on the different hair products and the ideal quantity you should be using.

Mousse – Use a golf ball sized blob of this product. Use a mousse spray, it is better to handle. Hold the nozzle of the spray bottle upwards and spray the mousse on your palm before applying to your hair.

Hairspray – Blast hairspray on your hair in one go. It should be done quickly, approximately 5 seconds. Move your hand while spraying to avoid concentration in one area. Hold the spray bottle 3-4 inches away from your hair.

Root lift spray – Use 10 spritzes and apply it directly on the roots where you need the lift.

Shampoo – Use shampoo twice, once use a little more quantity and mix with water before applying on your scalp. Next, use a little less quantity and mix it with water. Always massage your scalp with finger tips while applying shampoo. This will activate the hair follicles.

Conditioner – Apply conditioner only on the hair shaft, never on the roots. The ideal quantity would be 10p piece sized blob. Allow the conditioner to work on your hair, leave it for at least 10 minutes even if the label reads 2-3 minutes.So, use your hair products carefully for a healthy mane.

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