How Important is Hair Conditioning

Hair conditioning is nothing but a kind of moisturising treatment for hair, although it was not very common earlier but these days it has become an essential part of our hair care. I don’t remember my grandmother ever giving me any tips on hair conditioning. Well, they did use Amla and Areetha as a final rinse after shampooing but it was in a natural form not in a cream base. Nevertheless, over the years hair conditioning has gained a lot of emphasis, thanks to the advertising strategies, everyone wants straight hair.

Let me tell you that conditioning doesn’t necessarily straighten the hair, it only improves the quality of the hair. Conditioning moisturises and nourishes the hair which is mandatory in this urban lifestyle because of the growing pollution. The environmental factors have created a requirement for conditioners in the market. Lets look at some of the environmental factors which rip off the hair of its moisture content. When we travel there are various factors that affect our hair like; dust, smoke, emission of gasses, exposure to sun, sweating etc etc. These pollutants stick to the hair and if the hair is not kept clean they accumulate and form layers. It is very important to keep the hair and scalp clean, not just clean but it should also be need to be nourished.

Hair is the most common thing which is ignored, we don’t realise its value until we lose it. We torture it to the core with various treatments viz; perming, straightening, ironing so on and so forth. Why not adopt some simple measures and take care of your hair. The first and the most easiest thing to do is to cover the hair with a scarf, it may sound silly and will look a little wierd but thats the best way to combat the ill effects of pullution.

The next best thing to do is to condition your hair after every wash, leave the coditioner for atleast 5 minutes even if the instruction reads ” Leave it for 2 mins”. There is no harm in leaving the conditioner for few more minutes, also ensure that you rinse the conditioner thoroughly so that there are no traces of the same in the hair. If there is any residue in your hair it will again cause hair problems.Also during winter it is good to use a leave in conditioner, it helps retain the moisture for longer but do not use excess of leave in conditioner as it may make the hair greasy. These simple remedies will ensure that you do not face any hair problems.

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