Homely Hair Removing Recipe

Hair removing is considered to be one of the most important parts of any woman’s beauty regime. From time immemorial, there had been various methods of hair removing. However, in today’s time, the most common method is waxing.

Shaving, hair removing cremes or even laser technology is quite popular. But have you ever thought of the damage that these chemicals cause to your skin? It is always advisable to go in for homely methods when it is concerned with the skin. We have jot down a natural homely method for hair removing. Read on this article to discover more.

Sugar and jaggery hair removing procedure:

Jaggery is often used as a substitute to wax. It is thick, sticky and can be used in place of wax. It is safer to use on the skin as it is a natural product. Here’s how to prepare the sugar and jaggery hair removing wax. You can also use honey in case jaggery isn’t available.

Ingredients needed:

2 cups of jaggery (according to your need), sugar and lemon juice.

Method of preparation:

Mix the jaggery, sugar and lemon juice well and heat in a pan. Cook for 15 minutes till it becomes thick and sticky. Make sure it is not very sticky or else you wouldn’t be able to apply it properly.

Let the mixture cool for a while. Make sure you do not apply it right away. It can cause severe burns and blisters. It should be left to cool for a while and then applied.

Application tips:

The mixture can be used both as hot and cold wax. If you wish to use it as hot wax, just spread the mixture evenly on the body with the help of a spatula in the direction of the hair growth. Place a cotton strip or cloth or cello fin paper on it and press it. Now gently remove it in the opposite direction of the hair growth. Do the same in case of cold wax. But make sure to cool the mixture keeping it in an air tight container in the refrigerator.

Use this natural hair removing method to get rid of unwanted hair naturally! This will leave the skin silk to touch!

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